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Out of this World (Halloween Post)

28 Oct

Hello Hue Lovers!!

I hope you all enjoyed your pre-Halloween weekend!! I went to a Halloween party hosted by my company and I ran into the worst scenario!! At 6pm I made the decision that I did not want to be Medusa, my planned Halloween costume!! At this time I racked my brain and wardrobe for some idea of what to be and this is what I came up with.

An ALIEN!! This was the perfect costume for me…quick and easy to put together. I went for a warrior princess vibe with my hair and outfit. I love the color play that you can do with a costume like this and I definitely recommend it for those who haven’t picked a costume yet!! You can go big and paint your entire body or just your face. As far as makeup….the options are endless, this is the perfect costume for somebody who wants to let some of their creativity out!! I definitely would do this again for a themed party or event.

Have you planned your costume yet?

Thank you for reading….and remember…

Kim Loves Hue


Red, Black and Gold for the Fearless and BOLD!!

4 Oct

Hello Lovers!!
Today is a very special day for me šŸ˜‰ What is it you ask?? It is founder’s day for my sorority, Sigma Iota Sigma Multicultural Sorority Inc. ! We were founded on October 4, 1994 by 4 culturally diverse women. Because being a SISter in this organization has changed my life in the last 4.5 years, I knew that I had to do a look dedicated to it!!

Our organizations’ colors are red, black and gold….but that wasn’t my only inspiration for this look. I was greatly inspired by the amazing women I have met through this organization and what we stand for. My look is bold, fiery, interesting and captivating just like my sorority SISters! I experimented with some new shapes for my interpretation of this look and I love how they work! Trying something new is always exciting with makeup…..and the best part? You can always wash it off and start again!

I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I do!!

What new things have you tried with your makeup latey??

Thanks for reading…. And remember….
Kim Loves Hue šŸ˜‰

Tuesday Tip: Make your makeup last!!

10 Jul

Hello Lovers,

For all for all of the makeup junkies out there this will be no secret, but for the newbies I have one word: PRIMER! Eyelid primer is a makeup must have. Primer:

– prepares the eyelid and eye area for makeup

– helps prevent wear, fading and creasing of makeup throughout the day

– can help in achieving better color payout

– primer can also transform the shadow you put on top by giving it a light shimmer or mattifying it.

Primer is very simple to use…. you just place a small amount on your finger or a brush (I prefer to use my finger) and apply all over the lid. You can also apply to the under eye area if you plan to wear makeup there or go as far up as the brow.

Though simple to use. primer makes a dramatic difference in the longevity of your look for the day!! Primer is especially essential on these hot and humid summer days when we are prone to sweat.

Hope you all enjoyed this Tuesday tip šŸ™‚ Scroll down for some primer options

……and remember, Kim Loves Hue šŸ˜‰

The Bargain Buy

For many just starting to get an interest in makeup or those who wear it on rare occasions….you may not want to lay out too much money to begin, here are a couple of bargain buys:


E.L.F Eyelid Primer – Retail $1.00

Can be found at your local Target, Christmas Tree Shoppe or http://www.eyeslipsface.com/




This is great buy for those just dabbling in the water so to speak. It is a decent primer, though the wear isn’t as long as primers or bases of higher quality. Pick this up just to play around with and get a feel for primer before committing to a more expensive brand!






The Makeup Junkie Faves

Though there are numerous primers on the market, two have quite the reputation for great results in the beauty world. They are more expensive than The Bargain Buy but the quality of these products is beyond compare. Both are long wear, crease resistant and easy to work with. Here they are in no particular order:

Urban Decay Primer Potion – Retail $20 – $30

Can be found at beauty retailers like Sephora or Ulta, as well as the website http://www.urbandecay.com/

On the website they also sell the travel size Primer Potion for $9

With four different finishes to choose from, Urban Decay can meet your priming needs. The original primer potion(the purple tube) is the primer that I use on a regular basis. It lasts all day and night with no creasing and keeps my shadows true to their color. Sin (the copper tube) has a champagne shimmer to it that will add some fun shimmer to your shadow. Eden (the beige tube) is a matte primer that brightens the eye and leans toward a more mature look. Greed (the gold tube) has a gold shimmer that leaves a golden sheen under shadows, a great thing for summer.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance – Retail $18

Can be found at beauty retailers like Sephora or Ulta, as well as https://www.toofaced.com/

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is another favorite with an amazing reputation. It comes in three finishes and is long wearing and crease resistant. I have not had the opportunity to use TFSI but I look forward to the day that I do. The original (blue tube) has a normal finish for all of you priming needs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight(light pink tube) has a shimmering gold glow like candlelight and is perfect for a gorgeous little extra to your makeup. Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop (cream tube) is infused with a lemon-yellow color to neutralize redness in the eye, perfect for those who tend to have a bit of redness in the lid and inner corner.

Have any of you ever used a primer? Which have you loved? Which didn’t impress you? Let me know in the comment section


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