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China Glaze Giveaway Winner!!

20 Nov


Hello lovers!!
Yesterday was the close of our China Glaze giveaway! I’d love to congratulate Tearsa Keith!! I will be messaging you with details!! šŸ™‚

Thank you to all who entered and remember


Kim Loves Hue <3<3


Tuesday Tip: Mix it up!!

28 Aug


Hello Hue Lovers!

Today I’d like to discuss more ways that you can express your love of color. Until now, makeup has been my outlet for expression, mainly the eyes and lips. But I know that there are many who are not comfortable wearing that much makeup or having so much color on their face. Sometimes you work in a setting where you don’t have the opportunity to take so many liberties with your makeup while others may feel that it doesn’t suit them. For these lovers there is still much opportunity to express your inner hue love. How?


Nail polish, art and accessories are a great way to express your style or love of color. This includes fingernails and toenails. For those who work in settings that are conservative to the point where you have to go for neutral nails…..have a party with your toes! Nail polish is a great investment and inexpensive too!! It may seem expensive when you’re at the register with this seasons entire collection of colors fro your favorite brand….. but in the big picture, manicures and pedicures can satisfy your need for change at any given time for a fraction of the cost that a shopping spree, haircut or redecorating project can. For those who get their nails and feet done at a salon, it is a great way to have a relaxing “Me Day” during your week. This can be your chance to feel pampered and relaxed without a $200 massage!

Nail polish has so much variety that there’s something for everybody! Seriously…..there really is…. They have matte, metallic, glossy and muted finished to polishes and fun things like glitters and rhinestones. You can use as few as 1 or as many as 20 polishes in a mani or pedi. I personally feel that glitter makes everything better…..so my glitter polish collection almost matches the number of regular polishes I own. If you like french or striping, they sell kits for it. If you like little designs you can also purchase those…. the options are endless when it comes to your nails!

What is your go to nail look?

I would like to challenge all of my hue lovers out there to try something new in September! If you are a glitter and shine girl like me, try a cool neutral polish …. if you are the french manicure type, try a reversed french! Trying something new can open your eyes to endless possibilities …. so Dare to Be Different, Dare to be You!!
Here are pics of some of my favorite manicures I’ve recently done…. Andddd my fellow hue lover Tiffy C has been kind enough to submit some pics of her fave gel manicures!!

And remember…… Kim Loves Hue šŸ˜‰

special thank you to Lisa F for submitting pics of her wonderfully organized polish collection!!