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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

22 Oct

Hello Hue Lovers!!

How beautiful was this weekend, right?? After a gorgeous fall weekend I feel great going into the new week. Though I worked on Saturday, I was able to enjoy a wonderful and uplifting Sunday by attending the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. The energy was amazing and the day was absolutely beautiful. In my post, Tuesday Tip: Always Remember that Hope Makes All Things Possible!. , I showed a Day Look and Night Look for Breast Cancer Awareness. For the walk I decided to wear makeup that was practical for a walk but still fun and inspired!

As you can see I went veryyyy light with my makeup for the walk. I rocked a simple eye with liner, but Sugarpill’s Dollipop gave the perfect pop of pink on my lid. For my lips I decided to go nice and bright pink!! I used OCC’s Anime lip tar topped with Revlon’s Lip Butter in Lollipop, I darkened the corners with a black liner blended in.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and productive weekend! Here are a couple of pics from my day!

What are your plans for next weekend?

Thanks for reading!! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue



MyTee Monday

15 Oct


Hello Hue Lovers!!

Today’s post is dedicated to the brand Mytee B.A.D. (myteebad.com). I have posted about this brand in the past, with a look inspired by their Tripe L bracelet Tuesday Tip: Be Inspired!!. In thatt post I focused on the “Live” bracelet in the Triple L set and today I am doing a look inspired by the “Love” Bracelet in the set. This bracelet is adorable and the perfect way to represent ‘love’.  It is a hand beaded bracelet with gorgeous colors like pink, fuchsia and purple. It has skulls, which we all know are huge right now and it has a silver medallion that reads “love”. I wear this bracelet often for a nice pop of color in my daily arm candy.

I decided to create 3 looks for this bracelet because I felt that “love” would deserve more than just one! I went with an editorial look first by having a simple eye and some heart focused lip art. This was definitely something fun just for pictures, but unfortunately not something I could wear out and maintain. The next two looks are very similar, the main difference being that one is more purple and fuchsia based while the other has a bit more pink in it. These looks are definitely wearable for a fall first date or a night out with your sweetheart. All three looks feature my top 3 favorite Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic liptars; Belladonna (Ultra Violet) Black Dahlia (Blackest Blackened Red or Blood Red) and Anime (Bright Neon Fuchsia/Pink). In the first look liptars are used to feature a Black Dahlia heart, while in the second look I mixed the colors to create the perfect fall plum darkened at the corners with Sugarpill’s Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow.

The Love bracelet gave me the opportunity to express my love for a few things in one shot! I used liptars that I will not hesitate to say I am in love with. They are amazing to work with and the colors are to die for.  My all time favorite color is purple and you can see that I put it everywhere I could in this look. Along with my OCC liptars, I used shadows from Sugarpill Cosmetics and Inglot Cosmetics. These three companies are my favorite makeup companies and it was great to use them in a look representing love.

What are some products or companies that you love? What is your go-to product for a date?

I hope you all enjoy this look and thanks for reading 🙂 Remember….

Kim Loves Hue

Tuesday Tip: Always Remember that Hope Makes All Things Possible!

9 Oct

Hello Lovers!!

Today I would like to talk about something that is near and dear to all of our hearts; HOPE! Hope is what makes the impossible become possible and gives us more strength than we knew we could ever possess. Hope for a brighter tomorrow gets us through our days. I have decided to begin doing posts dedicated to hope and awareness for many causes that affect us on many levels. I personally have loved ones fighting/dealing with cancer, diabetes and cerebral palsy just to name a few. I think it is important to acknowledge the beautiful and amazing inspiration I have gotten from the people in my life affected  hardship.

Tonight’s look is dedicated to a beautiful and fiery woman who has a heart of gold, Toni Mercado. I met her at church and have always felt a motherly love from her. She is fun, compassionate and a spitfire!! I have taken these qualities for my inspiration in tonight’s breast cancer awareness inspired looks. I have created a day look and a night look that incorporate a soft and feminine beauty with soft pink and a fun and fiery splash of hot electric pink! I have all the hope in the world for her and she is in my thoughts and prayers daily. A beautiful soul in all regards. This is for you Toni.

Breast Cancer Awareness “Day Look”

Breast Cancer Awareness “Night Look”

Thank you for reading Lovers!! and remember….

Kim Loves Hue

Red, Black and Gold for the Fearless and BOLD!!

4 Oct

Hello Lovers!!
Today is a very special day for me 😉 What is it you ask?? It is founder’s day for my sorority, Sigma Iota Sigma Multicultural Sorority Inc. ! We were founded on October 4, 1994 by 4 culturally diverse women. Because being a SISter in this organization has changed my life in the last 4.5 years, I knew that I had to do a look dedicated to it!!

Our organizations’ colors are red, black and gold….but that wasn’t my only inspiration for this look. I was greatly inspired by the amazing women I have met through this organization and what we stand for. My look is bold, fiery, interesting and captivating just like my sorority SISters! I experimented with some new shapes for my interpretation of this look and I love how they work! Trying something new is always exciting with makeup…..and the best part? You can always wash it off and start again!

I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I do!!

What new things have you tried with your makeup latey??

Thanks for reading…. And remember….
Kim Loves Hue 😉

Tuesday Tip: Less is More (Halloween Post!!)

2 Oct

Hello Lovers!!
October is hereee and that means that it is officially Halloween season. I have never been the type to say “I absolutely have to do something this year.”…. but now I see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to practice more artistic makeup. I will be doing a few Halloween posts a week showing looks, products and tricks.

Today I wanted to do a post about one of my favorite things to see….the half face. I love the effect that you get when you only do two different looks on one face, thus the title ‘Less is More’. You don’t have to do a full faced sugar skull or android to get an great effect!! You can do two different looks on your face and if they are well done, they will look just as amazing as a full face!! My favorite combo is to do a face that is extremely dramatic next to really pretty natural makeup. I feel that the contrast really makes a statement.

This technique also can cut your makeup time in half, so I definitely recommend trying it out this year for some of the Halloween festivities that you attend. Just a note: when planning to do a half face, I have found that a good matte black eyeshadow is KEY! This will help with shading and transitioning one look to the other.

What is your favorite Halloween look?

Thanks for reading. And remember….

Kim Loves Hue 😉

Music Monday: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

27 Aug

Hey Hue Lovers!!

Today I’d like to talk about another passion of mine; music! I love music and have been passionate about it for as long as I can remember. Today I would like to talk about a song that was dubbed “my song” for awhile… ‘Black and Gold’ by Sam Sparro. I would listen to this song while getting dressed during the day for class or work AND at night when getting ready for a night out. It has a wonderfully electric, sensual and mysterious rhythm. This song inspired a look that I love.

I went with a very smoked and dark eye with zings of gold throughout the look. This represents the electric feel the song has to me. The black holds the mystery and the light and pale lip I went with shows how light hearted I am when listening. This look demands attention and is a great staple for a night out 😉

What songs inspire you guys?

Find inspiration wherever you can hue lovers….

…. And remember, Kim Loves Hue




Products Used
Sugarpill Cosmetics:

Inglot Cosmetics:
Freedom system shadow 404
Freedom system shadow 107R

Sauce Box Cosmetics:
French Toast

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
Sephora Creme Eyeliner in Rags to Riches

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Liptar in Belladonna and Hush

Lancôme Foundation (sorry don’t remember the name)
Inglot Concealer in DW300

Sugarpill Love+
Inglot freedom system shadow 72
Inglot freedom system shadow 463 for the highlight

Tuesday Tip: Be Inspired!!

31 Jul

Hello Lovers!! Today I have a very simple Tuesday Tip for you

Be Inspired!!

I view makeup as my form of artistic expression and what is art without inspiration or vision? It is emtpy. Be inspired by everything around you for your makeup. Have a picture that you love? A card? Bracelet? Necklace? Create an abstract look inspired by it….. You can even be inspired by other art forms like music or paintings…. just let your imagination take you where it will when listening and create a look that interprets that feeling or vision. There is beauty all around us if we just allow ourselves to recognize it. Bring out your inner artist and express all that you see and feel through your makeup.

On Friday the 13th MyTee BAD, a company founded by blogger Nicole Colon of StyleMeBAD.com, held a contest. The first to respond to their tweet stating what makes them a B.A.D. girl (Beautiful.Authentic.Determined) would have the opportunity to pick any item from their store and have it sent to them Gratis!! Awesome right?? Well as the lucky winner I chose their Triple L bracelet.

“Triple L stands for “Live Love Laugh” and comes as a set of 3 multi color beaded stretch bracelets with metal charms reading: “Live”, “Love”, “Laugh” in gold and silver mixed.

Rock them as separates, all together or give one to a friend! One size fits most. Turqouise and purple beads

Multi color skull beads Silver and Gold Metal Charms Promise yourself to always live, love and laugh!”

Image and description courtesy of MyTeeBAD.bigcartel.com

I saw so much potential in these bracelets and couldn’t wait to receive them. They were mailed to me quickly and in my package I received the bracelets, a cute velvet bag with a MyTee BAD pin attached. There was also a MyTee BAD sticker with a note from the team at MTB. I was instantly in love :

Right away I knew that I would have to do some makeup inspired by these adorable and super cute bracelets. Today I present the look for the “LIVE” bracelet. As you can see it is mostly a turquoise color with accentins in fuschia, black, white, green and orange. It also has a small gold charm with the word ‘live’ on it

I decided to Live it up with this look (pun intended) I wanted to do something that would represent living in the moment and trying something new! So I experimented with a new shape in my eye shadow emmulating a wing. I also added liner on the lower lid in lime green and gold to Liven the look up even more. I mixed a hot pink and lavender together for the lip color. As a B.A.D girl I am never afriad to experiement and live it up with my makeup. This is my interpretation of the bracelet. What do you think?!?!

Special thank you to MyTeeBAD.com for the arm candy!!

What inspires you? Let us know where you draw your inspiration from.

Products Used


Urban Decay Primer Potion

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean

Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed shadows in:

Mochi, Dollipop, Velocity,Acidberry, 2AM, Poison Plum, Bulletproof

Sugarpill Cosmetics Loose Sahdows in:

Darling, Lumi, Goldilux

Inglot Cosmetics:

Matte Shadow #336

Rainbow Shadow #114R

Almay Liquid Eyeliner

Maybelline Lash Stillette, Ulta Lash Icon and Covergirl LashBlast Volume


Inglot Gel Liner #87

Sugarpill Poison Plum, Afterpaty, Velocity, Darling

Inglot Matte #316


Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics Liptar in

Anime (center of lip) with Belladonna over


Inglot #72

Sugarpill Dollipop