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Tuesday Tip: Less is More Pt. 2 (Halloween Post)

16 Oct


Hello Hue Lovers!!

Today I would like to give you a quick Tuesday Tip that will help you with your Halloween plans this years!! Save money!!!! Instead of going out and spending $25-$50 on a Halloween costume, take $10 to the dollar store and get everything you need for an awesome Halloween look. Makeup is a great way to bypass paying for a costume and turning less into more. You can pick a makeup look and use what clothes, accessories and props you have in your house to complete your look. As I’ve said in the past, I am a huge fan of the impact that a split face has so that always helps your homemade costume. In my first post Tuesday Tip: Less is More (Halloween Post!!). , I showed you two looks….here is another great half face Halloween idea!!

Tonight I have done a Halloween look that I call “The Transition”, it depicts a girl becoming a comic book character. She goes from a pretty girl to a wide eyed, pop art styled cartoon girl. With this look I can wear a simple outfit and call it a day!! It only requires about 6 items that can all be purchased at a dollar store. These items will fill all of your pop art/comic book needs: black eyeliner and white eyeliner, a bright eyeshadow (I used blue), a bright blush and three lipsticks. One lipstick will serve as your dot maker and the other two will be your lip colors. This can keep your Halloween costs under $10!!!! You can even pick up some makeup for a play, musical or just for fun!!

What do you plan to be this Halloween?
I hope this tip helped you!! Thanks for reading and remember….

Kim Loves Hue


Tuesday Tip: Talk That Talk

25 Sep

Hello Lovers!

Today I’m giving you a quick Tuesday Tip about one of my fave body parts…. LIPS!! We all notice them, whether just staring at a gorgeous pair or talking to someone…they are the spotlight. Lips are a focal point in much human interaction so keep them nice, soft and smooth. I want to leave you with the most important lip tip you will ever get:

Keep your lips moisturized and healthy!!

The first step to any lip look is to have your lips taken care of. Keeping them in good condition sets them up for wearing makeup or just going nude. Keeping them smooth always creates a great base for lipstick or lip gloss to go on smooth and sleek. You don’t want dead skin showing under your lipstick, gloss or tint. As the seasons change and we move toward fall and winter, the possibility of lip damage increases. Wind, cold and dry air are all factors when it comes to lips.

A basic step you can take in caring for your lips is to always keep them moisturized. Find what your favorite moisturizer is and make sure you’re using it!! As I always say, KNOW YOUR BODY, know what kind of lips you have and what products work best for them. Some people like chapstick, some like Sugar lips and some like aquaphor! Whatever works best for your lips….USE IT!! Keep your lips moisturized and you will always be happy with the result.

Biweekly lip scrubs help to keep your lips fresh and smooth without dead skin taking the spotlight. Lip scrubs are exfoliation for your lips….and this is so important, especially when the seasons are changing. Lip scrubs can be purchased or you can make them at home! For those who are looking to purchase a lip scrub The Body Shop has a product called Lip Scuff , Lush Cosmetics carries a lip scrub, Softlips (Drugstores) carries an exfoliating lip polish, and Bite Beauty carries a lip scrub (Sephora) . You can check for these products in store or order them online. For those who want to make a DIY Lip scrub….it is superrrrrrrr easy. Lip scrubs can incorporate many of your favorite items…. there are just a two basics you need to remember:

– You want to have a moisturizing agent in your scrub, so shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil….etc.

– You want to have something that will exfoliate/scrub your lips like sugar, …etc

My personal favorite homemade lip scrub is honey, olive oil  and sugar. Melt the honey(about 1tsp), add a little olive oi(1tsp)l and mix in the sugar(2tsp)….VOILA! Homemade Lip Scrub. I love this mixture because olive oil moisturizes my lips wonderfully, the honey adds a nice shine to them and the sugar is a delicious exfoliant!

Below I’ll post a couple of links that have good homemade recipes, and you can always google ‘homemade/DIY lip scrub for great info.



Do you use a lip scrub? What are your favorites?

Thanks for reading 🙂 and remember….

Kim Loves Hue


Reader Request: The Lowdown on Brows

30 Jul

Hello Hue Lovers!!

Sorry that I have been gone for so long…. the last 2 weeks have been absolutely bananas :-/ But I’m back!!!! Today we are going to talk about one of my fave things EYEBROWS!! I think that eyebrows can truly make a statement in your daily makeup or in an editorial look. This post is for our twitter lover @tiffycee who requested some tips for brows.

I plan to make a video or picture post for this, but I am having some issues with lighting that I need to sort out first. For now I just want to post some tips for getting the brow look that you’re aiming for.
Brows are the frame for any look whether it be natural, dramatic or editorial. There are numerous ways to go about filling in your brows and numerous products that you can purchase. We’ll start with the most natural looks and move onto tips for dramatic brows.

All brow looks should start with the same 3 steps:

1. Use a spoolie or brow brush to brush your brows up and then smooth them in the right direction

2. Groom your brows. Check if there are any hairs that need to be tweezed or trimmed.

3. Choose your desired shape! With a clear picture in mind of what you’d like, you have something to work toward.

Au Natural

If you basically have the shape you desire and just want to add a little fullness to your brows then an eyebrow pencil can work wonders for you. For a very natural look to filled in brows my favorite trick is the check mark trick. Instead of just flicking your pencil in the shape of you brow, you make small check marks on the inner third of the eyebrow. This gives you a natural look that simulates your actual brow hairs without leaving any harsh edges or lines. Light strokes/flicks of the pencil work for the rest of the brow. This will give you a look that is natural while adding a little darkness, depth or fullness to your brows. brow pencils are also great for filling in a spot where you may have waxed or tweezed just a tad too much.

Shape it Up

For a brow that is not as natural looking, but not dramatic either you have several options. This includes wanting to alter your brow color or shape for a desired look….. or simply wanting fuller eyebrows. For this you can use brow wax and powder or a brow pencil and set it with powder. Another option that I’ve seen others use is a pencil and clear mascara.

For Brow wax and powder

After the initial 3 steps listed above, using a light hand fill in most of the brow with wax except for the inner most part. Follow this by setting the wax with brow powder. Use the brow powder to fill int he inner most part of the brow, this will prevent harsh lines on the inner brow and create a smooth transition into the rest of the brow.

For Brow pencil and Powder

For a brow pencil and powder, the steps are the same as wax and powder duo, you would just use a brow pencil in place of the brow wax. You can set this with an eye shadow of your choice or with brow powder.

For Brow Pencil and Clear Mascara

You will fill in the desired shape with a brow pencil and then use the clear mascara to set the brow.

Hue Lovers

For all of my hue lovers out there who have a flair for the dramatic then colored brows or glitter brows make for a great look! They are also super easy to achieve!!

For Colored Brows

There are numerous things you can use for the base of your colored brows. You can use a brow pencil, a cream eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base or gel eyeliner ( this is my preferred base) Just take your base and begin creating the shape that you would like for your brow. Before the base is completely dry, set it with an eyeshadow in the color of your choice. I love doing teal and purple brows!!

For Glitter Brows

Use a base of your choice to create the shape of the brow. Follow this with either a glitter base or eyelash glue and slowly fill in the shape with glitter. Only fill in a small amount at a time so that your base/glue doesn’t dry.


How have your attempts to fill in your brows been? Let us know!!

Thanks for reading and remember


Kim Loves Hue 😉


Suggestion Sunday: Blend it out!

15 Jul

Hey Hue Lovers!

As a special request from our lovely twitter follower @MyTeeBad we are going to talk about blending eyeshadow, an essential part of a nice finished look. For all of our new makeup lover, let’s get rolling by addressing the question What is blending?

Blending is the same in makeup as it is with all things, it is the art of mixing things together to achieve something seamless and flawless, in this case makeup. In makeup you can blend almost anything…. eyeshadow, foundation, lip colors and even blush. We are going to focus on eye shadow in this post. Eye shadow blending is meant to create a gradient of color while still allowing individual colors to have their spotlight in your look.

Some essential tips for blending eyeshadow are:

1. You can never start with too little. Build up to the color you desire by starting slowly with a little product on the brush. You don’t want to use the same amount of shadow that you’d be using to pack onto the lid as a solid color, you just want a bit of shadow to use as you build up to the gradient you want.

2. It’s easier to build up than to scale down. This is very similar to the first tip, but it needs some repeating, that’s just how important it is. It is 10x easier to build up your makeup to a certain color than to try and bring your look back a few levels. It’s not impossible, just not as easy (especially for newer makeup users) Building up just means that you continue picking up bits of color to blend in until you get the desired look.

3. A good base/primer dose make a difference. As discussed in my previous post, primer is one of your greatest makeup assets. I discussed that primer prevents wear and creasing, but it also aids blending. When blending over a base it allows for smoother transitions between colors and keeps them from creasing or coming together in a way that would ruin your gradient. Aside from eye shadow primer, you can use bases like NYX jumbo pencils, Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow, MAC paint pots or Milani Shadow Eyez just to name a few.

4. There are numerous ways to go about blending. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques until you find what works for you. Read more about techniques below.

5. Different brushes do make a difference. All makeup brushes are not created equal lol. Read the section on brushes to know what to look for when picking out a blending brush.


When it comes to technique, there are numerous ways to go about blending shadows. One way is to blend the shadows as you apply them.You can either start by putting on the middle color and blending toward the inner corner, then move onto the out corner or you can work from the inner corner outward. You can even do the center and outer lid and finish off with an inner color highlight. I prefer to blend as I go for most looks, especially when I am using bright colors. Another technique is to apply your shadows first and then blend into one another afterwards.You just pack on the colors you want to use. then take a clean brush and begin blending each color into the other. You can also use intermediary shadows to blend, this helps with creating the gradient you are trying to achieve. With this you have your main colors and pick colors that are closely related to be in between the main shadows. This is definitely helpful for new blenders when learning how to build up to the right blend, this is like a short cut or cheat code This is also a great way to ad some depth to your look or even something special like a but of a pearl sheen or something fun like that.


Brushes can definitely make a difference in the outcome of your look. You want a brush that isn’t too stiff and has a bit of fluff and flexibility to it. This will allow you to move the brush in whichever direction you need it to when trying to blending. Blending is a lot of going back and forth between colors to get them to create a gradient without becoming an indistinguishable mess. A brush with some movement will definitely help this. Along with a good brush, you want to work with a light hand. A light hand will allow you to blend without making a mess…. as I said before you want to build up to your gradient, a light will help you do that. There are MANY brushes on the market that can be used for blending from drugstore brands all the way to high end. Ulta, Sephora and Tagret are great places to shop for brushes at a few different price points. You can also hit up stores like MAC, Inglot and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for some great professional brushes also. Michaels, A.C. Moore or any local art store is also a great place to shop for makeup brushes. Art brushes tend to have a slightly longer handle but the quality of the brushes is on the same level as professional brushes for many art brushes. Just test the brushes by moving them around the back of your hand to see how the move against the skin.

Hope these tips helped!! I am working on picking a good camera so that I can start taking photos and recording short videos to go along with these tips. Let me know if you still have any questions and what else you’d like to see. Also please leave comments with any camera suggestions!

What are some of your eyeshadow blending tricks and techniques?


Thanks for reading….

And remember,

Kim Loves Hue 😉