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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Hello Hue Lovers!!

I understand that the devastation of Hurricane Sandy has us all shaken to the core, and has been life changing for many. For those who have lost loved ones, possessions or even just power, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying that you all come out of this safe and sound. For those fortunate enough to have power, do not hesitate to open your arms to friends and neighbors who may not be as fortunate.

Today is a day that has always been a celebration for children, teens and even some adults!! Halloween is a fun and light hearted holiday that allows us to let our imaginations free. For those who can, please take the time to enjoy this day. Dress your children, siblings, cousins etc. up and have fun. Try trick or treating or just enjoying the outdoors while there is still daylight!!

Just a few tips for today:
1. Trick or treat during daylight and stop to head home before dark. Many street lights are still out and power lines are on the ground. This is a safety hazard.

2. If you are driving around try and wrap up before dusk because many traffic signals are out.

3. It has been very chilly since yesterday, so be sure to layer before going out.


What are your plans for today?

Thanks for reading. And remember….

Kim Loves Hue



Ai:Love Hue

1 Jun

Welcome to Ai:Love Hue ([ahy] [luhv] [hyoo or, often, yoo]), a blog that embraces color in beauty as something to be in love with, thus the play on words in the title to read as I Love You. Ai:Love Hue was founded in 2012 by me, Kimberly Mitchell, with the purpose of embracing and promoting color in beauty as well as products and people. Ai is the Japanese word for love, so the Ai:Love Hue is basically saying that I LOVE love hue…. my love is so serious it needs twice the emphasis. On my blog you will find beauty tips and tricks, information on products and features of some beauty gurus and bloggers that inspire me daily.

Enjoy and remember Kim Loves Hue 😉