Bare It All

21 Sep

Hello Hue Lovers!

Today I want to talk about going bare and loving it!! As a makeup fanatic, I am constantly putting products on and trying new things out…. one thing that is always part of my makeup routine is my bare skin. Before and after every makeup application,all I have is me and I like to look in the mirror and see that I am taking care of myself the best that I can. I don’t want to hide myself with makeup, I want to elevate my form of self expression with it. Therefore, I take care of my skin and I’m very attentive to it. I have always had acne and dealt with the trials of combination skin, but these things never stop me from appreciating what I have and going out makeup free and confident!

Some tips for preparing to Bare It All are:

Know your skin –  Different products are sometimes geared towards different skin types (dry, combo, oily), knowing what your skin type is can help you zero in on the best products to use for maximum results. The last thing a person with oily skin wants to do is buy products geared to people with dry skin….it won’t help control your excess oil. So know your skin and read the products you purchase to get the right fit.

Know your problem areas– As we recognize our strengths, so should we acknowledge our weaknesses. I’m not saying to zone into these problem areas and let them bring you down, but instead acknowledge that they are there so that you can deal with them efficiently. If you know that you are prone to breakouts but also have dry skin, choose products that will help you in dealing with both issues if possible, or buy a separate product for each problem. Addressing your weaknesses will not only prepare you for Baring It All, but will also give you a sense of accomplishment as you tackle and overcome each problem/challenge.

– Cleanse and Moisturize- The beauty products that I recommend you spend some time choosing and consider splurging on would definitely be the products that are going to be in your facial/cleansing routine. Invest the time and money into keeping your skin at it’s best and it will prepare you to Bare It All, while also making your face easier to work with when you do wear makeup. Take the time to read labels, watch youtube reviews and read web reviews on products that you are interested in to find the product that meets your needs best. Learn what ingredients are good for our skin and bodies, and what ingredients are not. I personally spend lots of time choosing and trying facial soaps and cleansers to keep my skin prepped and ready for anything. Moisturize daily to keep your skin smooth and soft, while also retaining a youthful glow.

Hydrate- Keep your skin hydrated!! This is probably the hardest step for me (I detest water) but I do try my best to keep myself and my skin hydrated. Hydration includes drinking water AND moisturizing your skin! It is a two part deal!! Water is our most abundant and natural beauty accessory 😉
PS. Remember that our bodies are constantly changing and so should your routine. You may have had dry skin years ago and now it’s oily…. this is not uncommon. Always be ready to update your routine to match your skin. Listen when your body is speaking to you, it truly knows what it likes and doesn’t like!

Me at the beach this summer…. straight out the water and Baring It All!!!!

What are some of your favorite cleansers or moisturizers?

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue 😉

Disclaimer: Not all of these images are owned by Ai Love Hue, some have been collected from external sources for the purpose of visual aid. We do not claim any artistic rights to these images.


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