Tuesday Tip: Set the Line

11 Sep

Hello Lovers!!

Today’s Tuesday Tip: Set the Line  is a great one for everybody1 Whether you just wear makeup at work or put it on when you go out, this can help your eyeliner stay in place. What does Set the Line mean? It means set your eyeliner!! Next time you do your makeup, set your eyeliner with eye shadow and I promise that you will be happy with the results. Let’s go over the 5 W’s for setting the line;

Who: This is a great tip for anybody that wears eyeliner. It’s also good for those who don’t because they feel that eyeliner is a little too stark or harsh for their taste…. using eyeshadow as a liner/setting a liner with eyeshadow can give a softer look to the eye.

What:  You can do this with an eyeliner and shadow combination. I personally think it works best for setting gel liners and pencil liners. It works for liquid liners as well, but I prefer my liquid liners to have a glossy finish and using a shadow can sometimes matify the liner. (This doesn’t apply if you use a pearl shadow or shimmer shadow) Just use your favorite liner and follow it with a complimentary shadow using small brush of your choice.

When: This tip is great to use anytime. If you are going to school,work or just out for the day, this will help your shadow stay in place. If you are  going out to an event, date or club this is ideal!! This will help your shadow stay in place for the duration of your outing and give you a nice fresh look for all of your pictures 😉

Where: You can set your eyeliner on either the top or bottom lid, or you can do both. I personally only set the bottom lid most days. I have very watery eyes and this helps keep everything in place. As I said before, for those who aren’t huge fans of a harsh line….shadow is the perfect way to give a lighter look to your upper and/or lower lid liner.

Why: Why???? At this point that shouldn’t even be a question. This is just plain awesome!! So do it!!
Have any of you done this before? How do you like it?

For those trying it for the first time….let me know how it works for you!!

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue


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