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Tuesday Tip: Talk That Talk

25 Sep

Hello Lovers!

Today I’m giving you a quick Tuesday Tip about one of my fave body parts…. LIPS!! We all notice them, whether just staring at a gorgeous pair or talking to someone…they are the spotlight. Lips are a focal point in much human interaction so keep them nice, soft and smooth. I want to leave you with the most important lip tip you will ever get:

Keep your lips moisturized and healthy!!

The first step to any lip look is to have your lips taken care of. Keeping them in good condition sets them up for wearing makeup or just going nude. Keeping them smooth always creates a great base for lipstick or lip gloss to go on smooth and sleek. You don’t want dead skin showing under your lipstick, gloss or tint. As the seasons change and we move toward fall and winter, the possibility of lip damage increases. Wind, cold and dry air are all factors when it comes to lips.

A basic step you can take in caring for your lips is to always keep them moisturized. Find what your favorite moisturizer is and make sure you’re using it!! As I always say, KNOW YOUR BODY, know what kind of lips you have and what products work best for them. Some people like chapstick, some like Sugar lips and some like aquaphor! Whatever works best for your lips….USE IT!! Keep your lips moisturized and you will always be happy with the result.

Biweekly lip scrubs help to keep your lips fresh and smooth without dead skin taking the spotlight. Lip scrubs are exfoliation for your lips….and this is so important, especially when the seasons are changing. Lip scrubs can be purchased or you can make them at home! For those who are looking to purchase a lip scrub The Body Shop has a product called Lip Scuff , Lush Cosmetics carries a lip scrub, Softlips (Drugstores) carries an exfoliating lip polish, and Bite Beauty carries a lip scrub (Sephora) . You can check for these products in store or order them online. For those who want to make a DIY Lip scrub….it is superrrrrrrr easy. Lip scrubs can incorporate many of your favorite items…. there are just a two basics you need to remember:

– You want to have a moisturizing agent in your scrub, so shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil….etc.

– You want to have something that will exfoliate/scrub your lips like sugar, …etc

My personal favorite homemade lip scrub is honey, olive oilย  and sugar. Melt the honey(about 1tsp), add a little olive oi(1tsp)l and mix in the sugar(2tsp)….VOILA! Homemade Lip Scrub. I love this mixture because olive oil moisturizes my lips wonderfully, the honey adds a nice shine to them and the sugar is a delicious exfoliant!

Below I’ll post a couple of links that have good homemade recipes, and you can always google ‘homemade/DIY lip scrub for great info.

Do you use a lip scrub? What are your favorites?

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ and remember….

Kim Loves Hue


Bare It All

21 Sep

Hello Hue Lovers!

Today I want to talk about going bare and loving it!! As a makeup fanatic, I am constantly putting products on and trying new things out…. one thing that is always part of my makeup routine is my bare skin. Before and after every makeup application,all I have is me and I like to look in the mirror and see that I am taking care of myself the best that I can. I don’t want to hide myself with makeup, I want to elevate my form of self expression with it. Therefore, I take care of my skin and I’m very attentive to it. I have always had acne and dealt with the trials of combination skin, but these things never stop me from appreciating what I have and going out makeup free and confident!

Some tips for preparing to Bare It All are:

Know your skin –ย  Different products are sometimes geared towards different skin types (dry, combo, oily), knowing what your skin type is can help you zero in on the best products to use for maximum results. The last thing a person with oily skin wants to do is buy products geared to people with dry skin….it won’t help control your excess oil. So know your skin and read the products you purchase to get the right fit.

Know your problem areas– As we recognize our strengths, so should we acknowledge our weaknesses. I’m not saying to zone into these problem areas and let them bring you down, but instead acknowledge that they are there so that you can deal with them efficiently. If you know that you are prone to breakouts but also have dry skin, choose products that will help you in dealing with both issues if possible, or buy a separate product for each problem. Addressing your weaknesses will not only prepare you for Baring It All, but will also give you a sense of accomplishment as you tackle and overcome each problem/challenge.

– Cleanse and Moisturize- The beauty products that I recommend you spend some time choosing and consider splurging on would definitely be the products that are going to be in your facial/cleansing routine. Invest the time and money into keeping your skin at it’s best and it will prepare you to Bare It All, while also making your face easier to work with when you do wear makeup. Take the time to read labels, watch youtube reviews and read web reviews on products that you are interested in to find the product that meets your needs best. Learn what ingredients are good for our skin and bodies, and what ingredients are not. I personally spend lots of time choosing and trying facial soaps and cleansers to keep my skin prepped and ready for anything. Moisturize daily to keep your skin smooth and soft, while also retaining a youthful glow.

Hydrate- Keep your skin hydrated!! This is probably the hardest step for me (I detest water) but I do try my best to keep myself and my skin hydrated. Hydration includes drinking water AND moisturizing your skin! It is a two part deal!! Water is our most abundant and natural beauty accessory ๐Ÿ˜‰
PS. Remember that our bodies are constantly changing and so should your routine. You may have had dry skin years ago and now it’s oily…. this is not uncommon. Always be ready to update your routine to match your skin. Listen when your body is speaking to you, it truly knows what it likes and doesn’t like!

Me at the beach this summer…. straight out the water and Baring It All!!!!

What are some of your favorite cleansers or moisturizers?

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Tuesday Tip: Drop the Base

18 Sep

Hello Lovers!

As you can see from the title, my Tuesday Tip post name is a nod to my love of dubstep! Aside from that, this post will also recognize some of my most used and favorite products as eyeshadow bases. An eyeshadow base is something that you use to assist your shadow in not only lasting longer, bu also aids in giving a shadow more depth, vibrancy and/or dimension. I ALWAYS use an eyeshadow base because I tend to go anywhere from 8-14 hours with my makeup on. I also use it because I am a Hue Lover and it is wonderful to give a color as much vibrancy as possible. In my first ever Tuesday Tip I spoke about primers and how they help your makeup last all day, a primer can be used as a base, but I prefer to use other products with my primer to help it along. I feel that wearing primer under my base helps to prevent creasing and wear on my base. There are many things that can be used as a base, you are not limited to products that say ‘eyeshadow base’, there are a number of products that can be used as alternatives.

What else can a base do for you? One of the most wonderful and awesome things about primers and bases, would be that they can give a much better payout to a product that is relatively inexpensive. Ever wonder how some beauty gurus can get professional quality makeup with drugstore brands? Well a good primer and a good base can make all the difference! You can use makeup from the dollar store, Target or a high end store and get amazing results when you have a good primer and base. For some info on primers you can check out my postย Tuesday Tip: Make your makeup last!!. and for info on eyeshadow base alternatives that are good for a variety of things, just continue reading!

There are a number of base alternatives that you can find when you’re shopping at your local beauty supply store (Ricky’s, Sehpora, MAC, Ulta, etc) I will only be writing about my twoย  go to products for bases in this summer.

NYX Jumbo Pencil

I am a HUGE fan of the widely talked about NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a white base. I would say that I use it in about 98% of my looks. It is the perfect matte white base to put anything on top of. I also use it as an inner corner and brow highlight often. NYX Jumbo Pencils can be used as cream shadows, bases or eyeliners which makes them very versatile. I have even used them for some of my colored eyebrow looks. I definitely suggest using a primer under these pencils because they can crease, but aside from that they are great! NYX Jumbo Pencil is easy to blend out and work with when using shadows, it is also a great sticky base for loose shadows that you are using. They come in a huge variety of colors (over 25 shades)ย  and are very affordable. They can be found on or at Ulta, Sears or Nordstrom Rack as well as online sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo By Eye Studio

These hit the ground running when they showed up on the market in 2012. They have been compared to a drugstore version of MAC’s Paint Pots. I have never tried a MAC Paint Pot, but I can say that I truly love this product. These are cream shadows that can be used alone or as a colored base for an eyeshadow. I own all 9 original shades as well as the limited edition shades that have come out. That is how much I love these!! They are an affordable product with an amazing color payout and long wear. Though I can’t say that this is definitely 24hr wear, I can say that it always lasts me through the time I am wearing it. Though the shades are amazing, once they set they don’t budge….this can be a good and a bad thing. It’s great for long wear through the day, but when doing your makeup you have to be very careful with placement because these are very difficult to blend out or move once they are down. These can be found in any store that carries Maybelline products as well as online.

Noteworthy Products: There are many other products that I use or have heard about and can’t wait to try. These have reviews just as good as the products in this post and are definitely worth checking out!

– Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Shadow Pencil

– Milani Shadow Eyez Pencils

– MAC Paint Pot

Do you use an eyeshadow base? If you do, what is your favorite base to use?

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue ๐Ÿ˜‰

Disclaimer: Not all of these images are owned by Ai Love Hue, some have been collected from external sources for the purpose of visual aid. We do not claim any artistic rights to these images.

Throwback Thursday: Sugarpill Cold Heart Palette

13 Sep

Hey Lovers!!
Today I want to do a throwback Thursday post about my first Sugarpill purchase and one of my favorite palettes; Sugarpill’s Cold Heart Palette. This palette is no longer in stock but the individual shadows can be purchased on Sugarpill’s website I purchased this palette as a birthday present to myself in January 2011, about a year after the company launched. As a purple and blue fanatic, this palette definitely called my name.

This was a perfect way for me to enter the world of makeup! This palette contains an amazing matte black called ‘Bulletproof’ that is perfect for smoking out the eye or setting your eyeliner. The white shadow ‘Tako’ is the perfect highlight for the brow bone or the inner corner. The bright blue shadow in ‘Afterparty’ is amazing!! I love this shadow, it is super pigmented and versatile…. great for the lid, colored brows or as a liner! Last, but far from least, is ‘Poison Plum’. This is the shadow that I purchased the palette for, an amazing and pigmented purple that is even more versatile than ‘Afterparty’!! Use it for the lid, colored brows, eyeliner or even as a blush!! I feel that with this palette I got the best of all worlds….highlights, smokey, brights and brows!!
Though this specificย  palette is no longer stocked, I highly encourage you all to order a shadow from Sugarpill Cosmetics. This company is one of my all time favorites and this is why I wanted to dedicate a Throwback Thursday post to my first purchase from them. They are cruelty-free and also have vegan products (the website indicates which products are vegan). They are definitely great quality and at a price point that makes it hard not to purchase! Sidenote: With every purchase I’ve made with them I’ve received a sample of a shadow and a cute sticker!!
Here is a picture of the palette from a post by

Here is a recent picture of my palette, almost 2 years after my purchase it still has so much product!! I use this palette on a daily basis and it is one of the best purchases I have made. I have also included swatches of these amazing shadows.

What is your favorite product that you’ve purchased? When did you purchase it?

Thanks for reading Lovers! And remember…..


Kim Loves Hue


Disclaimer: Not all of these images are owned by me or Ai Love Hue, some have been collected from external sources for the purpose of visual aid. We do not claim any artistic rights to these images.

Tuesday Tip: Set the Line

11 Sep

Hello Lovers!!

Today’s Tuesday Tip: Set the Lineย  is a great one for everybody1 Whether you just wear makeup at work or put it on when you go out, this can help your eyeliner stay in place. What does Set the Line mean? It means set your eyeliner!! Next time you do your makeup, set your eyeliner with eye shadow and I promise that you will be happy with the results. Let’s go over the 5 W’s for setting the line;

Who: This is a great tip for anybody that wears eyeliner. It’s also good for those who don’t because they feel that eyeliner is a little too stark or harsh for their taste…. using eyeshadow as a liner/setting a liner with eyeshadow can give a softer look to the eye.

What:ย  You can do this with an eyeliner and shadow combination. I personally think it works best for setting gel liners and pencil liners. It works for liquid liners as well, but I prefer my liquid liners to have a glossy finish and using a shadow can sometimes matify the liner. (This doesn’t apply if you use a pearl shadow or shimmer shadow) Just use your favorite liner and follow it with a complimentary shadow using small brush of your choice.

When: This tip is great to use anytime. If you are going to school,work or just out for the day, this will help your shadow stay in place. If you areย  going out to an event, date or club this is ideal!! This will help your shadow stay in place for the duration of your outing and give you a nice fresh look for all of your pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where: You can set your eyeliner on either the top or bottom lid, or you can do both. I personally only set the bottom lid most days. I have very watery eyes and this helps keep everything in place. As I said before, for those who aren’t huge fans of a harsh line….shadow is the perfect way to give a lighter look to your upper and/or lower lid liner.

Why: Why???? At this point that shouldn’t even be a question. This is just plain awesome!! So do it!!
Have any of you done this before? How do you like it?

For those trying it for the first time….let me know how it works for you!!

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue

Tuesday Tip: Don’t let the weather dampen your self expression.

4 Sep

Hello Hue Lovers!
I don’t know about your location….but here in New York we’ve been hit by Mr. Rainy Day. A rainy day may compel some to go out of their desired look, toward a more weather appropriate look for the day. Never let the weather dampen your self expression. If you wanted to wear shorts, GO FOR IT!! Throw on a pair of thick tights and combat boots to make it work. If you wanted to have a pop of color, DO IT!! Throw on a cute hat or scarf for that pop of color you desire.
There is always the opportunity to express yourself in your daily look. It’s the little things that make all the difference. Here is a short list of ‘little things that make a big impact’:

*Nail Polish – as discussed in last week’s Tuesday Tip: Mix it Up, nail polish can make a huge statement in your daily look and can always brighten a rainy day.

*Head Accessories – scarves, hats and cute headbands or hair clips can make a statement for any outfit. Try to liven up your look with a scarf tied in a cute way or a fun print.

*Jewelry and Accents – play up your look with some arm candy, a statement necklace or eye catching earrings for a quick and easy spice up. The same goes for a cute belt (braided, metallic, etc.) or a nice neck scarf.

*Shoes – we all know that shoes are the real deal. Turn up any outfit with a pair of shoes. Prints, fabrics and all are a YES in the shoe world.

*Makeup!! – last but definitely not least, makeup can make all the difference. Whether you are going for natural, classic or dramatic makeup, you can truly set the tone for your look with it. Eyes, lips and cheeks can all be used to make a statement. Makeup is a great an affordable way to play up any look, so definitely try it out next time you’re getting ready.

What are your favorite rainy day pieces?

Thanks for reading! And remember….

Kim Loves Hue ๐Ÿ˜‰