Music Monday: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

27 Aug

Hey Hue Lovers!!

Today I’d like to talk about another passion of mine; music! I love music and have been passionate about it for as long as I can remember. Today I would like to talk about a song that was dubbed “my song” for awhile… ‘Black and Gold’ by Sam Sparro. I would listen to this song while getting dressed during the day for class or work AND at night when getting ready for a night out. It has a wonderfully electric, sensual and mysterious rhythm. This song inspired a look that I love.

I went with a very smoked and dark eye with zings of gold throughout the look. This represents the electric feel the song has to me. The black holds the mystery and the light and pale lip I went with shows how light hearted I am when listening. This look demands attention and is a great staple for a night out πŸ˜‰

What songs inspire you guys?

Find inspiration wherever you can hue lovers….

…. And remember, Kim Loves Hue




Products Used
Sugarpill Cosmetics:

Inglot Cosmetics:
Freedom system shadow 404
Freedom system shadow 107R

Sauce Box Cosmetics:
French Toast

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
Sephora Creme Eyeliner in Rags to Riches

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Liptar in Belladonna and Hush

LancΓ΄me Foundation (sorry don’t remember the name)
Inglot Concealer in DW300

Sugarpill Love+
Inglot freedom system shadow 72
Inglot freedom system shadow 463 for the highlight


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