Summer Nights for the Bold and Beautiful

20 Aug

Hello Hue Lovers!!

Let’s talk about beauty faux pas for a sec. We are told that if you go for a dramatic eye, you should tone down the lips….or that if you want bold lips then we should go with a simple eye. By why? Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?

For all of my risk takers and thrill seekers out there….I challenge you… Dare to be different! Dare to be you!! If you have a dramatic eye….there’s nothing wrong with a bold lip. You just have to know what to turn up and what to tone down. Last night I went to a get together with my grandparents and boyfriend and I was feeling bold, beautiful and FIERCE!!

I love a dramatic eye and bold lip for myself….so I went for it!!

I decided on a cut crease/ cat eye consisting of pinks and purples, cut with black. For the lips I wanted something bright fun and flirty so I went with my OCC liptar in Strumpet! I added some black shadow to the corners to darken them and some gold shadow in the center for some shine!! Adding a slight gradient to the lips toned the down enough to get away with a bold lip matching these eyes. Never be afraid to break away from the “rules” of beauty. Makeup is art and an artist has their own aesthetic and point of view…. it is up to you to express that POV!! All in all I loved this look for a fun summer night and I hope y’all do too 🙂





Remember Lovers nothing is more beautiful than being who you are. Thanks for reading and remember….

Kim Loves Hue 😉



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