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Tuesday Tip: Mix it up!!

28 Aug


Hello Hue Lovers!

Today I’d like to discuss more ways that you can express your love of color. Until now, makeup has been my outlet for expression, mainly the eyes and lips. But I know that there are many who are not comfortable wearing that much makeup or having so much color on their face. Sometimes you work in a setting where you don’t have the opportunity to take so many liberties with your makeup while others may feel that it doesn’t suit them. For these lovers there is still much opportunity to express your inner hue love. How?


Nail polish, art and accessories are a great way to express your style or love of color. This includes fingernails and toenails. For those who work in settings that are conservative to the point where you have to go for neutral nails…..have a party with your toes! Nail polish is a great investment and inexpensive too!! It may seem expensive when you’re at the register with this seasons entire collection of colors fro your favorite brand….. but in the big picture, manicures and pedicures can satisfy your need for change at any given time for a fraction of the cost that a shopping spree, haircut or redecorating project can. For those who get their nails and feet done at a salon, it is a great way to have a relaxing “Me Day” during your week. This can be your chance to feel pampered and relaxed without a $200 massage!

Nail polish has so much variety that there’s something for everybody! Seriously…..there really is…. They have matte, metallic, glossy and muted finished to polishes and fun things like glitters and rhinestones. You can use as few as 1 or as many as 20 polishes in a mani or pedi. I personally feel that glitter makes everything better… my glitter polish collection almost matches the number of regular polishes I own. If you like french or striping, they sell kits for it. If you like little designs you can also purchase those…. the options are endless when it comes to your nails!

What is your go to nail look?

I would like to challenge all of my hue lovers out there to try something new in September! If you are a glitter and shine girl like me, try a cool neutral polish …. if you are the french manicure type, try a reversed french! Trying something new can open your eyes to endless possibilities …. so Dare to Be Different, Dare to be You!!
Here are pics of some of my favorite manicures I’ve recently done…. Andddd my fellow hue lover Tiffy C has been kind enough to submit some pics of her fave gel manicures!!

And remember…… Kim Loves Hue πŸ˜‰

special thank you to Lisa F for submitting pics of her wonderfully organized polish collection!!







Music Monday: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

27 Aug

Hey Hue Lovers!!

Today I’d like to talk about another passion of mine; music! I love music and have been passionate about it for as long as I can remember. Today I would like to talk about a song that was dubbed “my song” for awhile… ‘Black and Gold’ by Sam Sparro. I would listen to this song while getting dressed during the day for class or work AND at night when getting ready for a night out. It has a wonderfully electric, sensual and mysterious rhythm. This song inspired a look that I love.

I went with a very smoked and dark eye with zings of gold throughout the look. This represents the electric feel the song has to me. The black holds the mystery and the light and pale lip I went with shows how light hearted I am when listening. This look demands attention and is a great staple for a night out πŸ˜‰

What songs inspire you guys?

Find inspiration wherever you can hue lovers….

…. And remember, Kim Loves Hue




Products Used
Sugarpill Cosmetics:

Inglot Cosmetics:
Freedom system shadow 404
Freedom system shadow 107R

Sauce Box Cosmetics:
French Toast

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
Sephora Creme Eyeliner in Rags to Riches

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Liptar in Belladonna and Hush

LancΓ΄me Foundation (sorry don’t remember the name)
Inglot Concealer in DW300

Sugarpill Love+
Inglot freedom system shadow 72
Inglot freedom system shadow 463 for the highlight

Summer Nights for the Bold and Beautiful

20 Aug

Hello Hue Lovers!!

Let’s talk about beauty faux pas for a sec. We are told that if you go for a dramatic eye, you should tone down the lips….or that if you want bold lips then we should go with a simple eye. By why? Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?

For all of my risk takers and thrill seekers out there….I challenge you… Dare to be different! Dare to be you!! If you have a dramatic eye….there’s nothing wrong with a bold lip. You just have to know what to turn up and what to tone down. Last night I went to a get together with my grandparents and boyfriend and I was feeling bold, beautiful and FIERCE!!

I love a dramatic eye and bold lip for myself….so I went for it!!

I decided on a cut crease/ cat eye consisting of pinks and purples, cut with black. For the lips I wanted something bright fun and flirty so I went with my OCC liptar in Strumpet! I added some black shadow to the corners to darken them and some gold shadow in the center for some shine!! Adding a slight gradient to the lips toned the down enough to get away with a bold lip matching these eyes. Never be afraid to break away from the “rules” of beauty. Makeup is art and an artist has their own aesthetic and point of view…. it is up to you to express that POV!! All in all I loved this look for a fun summer night and I hope y’all do too πŸ™‚





Remember Lovers nothing is more beautiful than being who you are. Thanks for reading and remember….

Kim Loves Hue πŸ˜‰



6 Aug

Hello Lovers!!

I have a question for all of you?

Question: What is better than find amazing makeup?

Answer: Finding amazing makeup ON SALE!!!!
To kick off this wonderful week…..I just wanted to give you the scoop on a few sales that are going on online.


Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a brand well known for their creamy shadows and awesomely creative packaging. They are the company that created the infamous Naked and Naked 2 palettes as well as Urban Decay Primer Potion, one of the most popular primers on the market. In this sale they have over 50% off some of their products. Check it out!

Image from AiLoveHue does not own this image.


SauceBox Cosmetics

SauceBox Cosmetics is a company that I have just recently become aware of.While watching some July Favorite vids and IMATS vids, I came across a few mentions of SauceBox and so I decided to check them out. From the moment I saw their webpage I knew I had to buy something. I liked their Facebook page so that I could keep up with what’s happening and they are having a 1000 likes sale. I definitely recommend trying them out, I have a good feeling about this company.

Image from AiLoveHue does not own this image.

Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a brand that I’ve heard about for awhile but have not had the opportunity to try. I have heard amazing reviews on their products and I plan to make a purchase very soon. They are discontinuing their line of Magic Dust Loose Shadows so hey are all 40% off of the listed price. This sale has been going on for a few weeks already but they still have numerous colors left. If you love loose pigments and unique colors, check it out!!

Image from AiLoveHue does not own this image.


Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you order πŸ˜‰

and remember, Kim Loves Hue