Reader Request: The Lowdown on Brows

30 Jul

Hello Hue Lovers!!

Sorry that I have been gone for so long…. the last 2 weeks have been absolutely bananas :-/ But I’m back!!!! Today we are going to talk about one of my fave things EYEBROWS!! I think that eyebrows can truly make a statement in your daily makeup or in an editorial look. This post is for our twitter lover @tiffycee who requested some tips for brows.

I plan to make a video or picture post for this, but I am having some issues with lighting that I need to sort out first. For now I just want to post some tips for getting the brow look that you’re aiming for.
Brows are the frame for any look whether it be natural, dramatic or editorial. There are numerous ways to go about filling in your brows and numerous products that you can purchase. We’ll start with the most natural looks and move onto tips for dramatic brows.

All brow looks should start with the same 3 steps:

1. Use a spoolie or brow brush to brush your brows up and then smooth them in the right direction

2. Groom your brows. Check if there are any hairs that need to be tweezed or trimmed.

3. Choose your desired shape! With a clear picture in mind of what you’d like, you have something to work toward.

Au Natural

If you basically have the shape you desire and just want to add a little fullness to your brows then an eyebrow pencil can work wonders for you. For a very natural look to filled in brows my favorite trick is the check mark trick. Instead of just flicking your pencil in the shape of you brow, you make small check marks on the inner third of the eyebrow. This gives you a natural look that simulates your actual brow hairs without leaving any harsh edges or lines. Light strokes/flicks of the pencil work for the rest of the brow. This will give you a look that is natural while adding a little darkness, depth or fullness to your brows. brow pencils are also great for filling in a spot where you may have waxed or tweezed just a tad too much.

Shape it Up

For a brow that is not as natural looking, but not dramatic either you have several options. This includes wanting to alter your brow color or shape for a desired look….. or simply wanting fuller eyebrows. For this you can use brow wax and powder or a brow pencil and set it with powder. Another option that I’ve seen others use is a pencil and clear mascara.

For Brow wax and powder

After the initial 3 steps listed above, using a light hand fill in most of the brow with wax except for the inner most part. Follow this by setting the wax with brow powder. Use the brow powder to fill int he inner most part of the brow, this will prevent harsh lines on the inner brow and create a smooth transition into the rest of the brow.

For Brow pencil and Powder

For a brow pencil and powder, the steps are the same as wax and powder duo, you would just use a brow pencil in place of the brow wax. You can set this with an eye shadow of your choice or with brow powder.

For Brow Pencil and Clear Mascara

You will fill in the desired shape with a brow pencil and then use the clear mascara to set the brow.

Hue Lovers

For all of my hue lovers out there who have a flair for the dramatic then colored brows or glitter brows make for a great look! They are also super easy to achieve!!

For Colored Brows

There are numerous things you can use for the base of your colored brows. You can use a brow pencil, a cream eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base or gel eyeliner ( this is my preferred base) Just take your base and begin creating the shape that you would like for your brow. Before the base is completely dry, set it with an eyeshadow in the color of your choice. I love doing teal and purple brows!!

For Glitter Brows

Use a base of your choice to create the shape of the brow. Follow this with either a glitter base or eyelash glue and slowly fill in the shape with glitter. Only fill in a small amount at a time so that your base/glue doesn’t dry.


How have your attempts to fill in your brows been? Let us know!!

Thanks for reading and remember


Kim Loves Hue 😉



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