Suggestion Sunday: Blend it out!

15 Jul

Hey Hue Lovers!

As a special request from our lovely twitter follower @MyTeeBad we are going to talk about blending eyeshadow, an essential part of a nice finished look. For all of our new makeup lover, let’s get rolling by addressing the question What is blending?

Blending is the same in makeup as it is with all things, it is the art of mixing things together to achieve something seamless and flawless, in this case makeup. In makeup you can blend almost anything…. eyeshadow, foundation, lip colors and even blush. We are going to focus on eye shadow in this post. Eye shadow blending is meant to create a gradient of color while still allowing individual colors to have their spotlight in your look.

Some essential tips for blending eyeshadow are:

1. You can never start with too little. Build up to the color you desire by starting slowly with a little product on the brush. You don’t want to use the same amount of shadow that you’d be using to pack onto the lid as a solid color, you just want a bit of shadow to use as you build up to the gradient you want.

2. It’s easier to build up than to scale down. This is very similar to the first tip, but it needs some repeating, that’s just how important it is. It is 10x easier to build up your makeup to a certain color than to try and bring your look back a few levels. It’s not impossible, just not as easy (especially for newer makeup users) Building up just means that you continue picking up bits of color to blend in until you get the desired look.

3. A good base/primer dose make a difference. As discussed in my previous post, primer is one of your greatest makeup assets. I discussed that primer prevents wear and creasing, but it also aids blending. When blending over a base it allows for smoother transitions between colors and keeps them from creasing or coming together in a way that would ruin your gradient. Aside from eye shadow primer, you can use bases like NYX jumbo pencils, Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow, MAC paint pots or Milani Shadow Eyez just to name a few.

4. There are numerous ways to go about blending. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques until you find what works for you. Read more about techniques below.

5. Different brushes do make a difference. All makeup brushes are not created equal lol. Read the section on brushes to know what to look for when picking out a blending brush.


When it comes to technique, there are numerous ways to go about blending shadows. One way is to blend the shadows as you apply them.You can either start by putting on the middle color and blending toward the inner corner, then move onto the out corner or you can work from the inner corner outward. You can even do the center and outer lid and finish off with an inner color highlight. I prefer to blend as I go for most looks, especially when I am using bright colors. Another technique is to apply your shadows first and then blend into one another afterwards.You just pack on the colors you want to use. then take a clean brush and begin blending each color into the other. You can also use intermediary shadows to blend, this helps with creating the gradient you are trying to achieve. With this you have your main colors and pick colors that are closely related to be in between the main shadows. This is definitely helpful for new blenders when learning how to build up to the right blend, this is like a short cut or cheat code This is also a great way to ad some depth to your look or even something special like a but of a pearl sheen or something fun like that.


Brushes can definitely make a difference in the outcome of your look. You want a brush that isn’t too stiff and has a bit of fluff and flexibility to it. This will allow you to move the brush in whichever direction you need it to when trying to blending. Blending is a lot of going back and forth between colors to get them to create a gradient without becoming an indistinguishable mess. A brush with some movement will definitely help this. Along with a good brush, you want to work with a light hand. A light hand will allow you to blend without making a mess…. as I said before you want to build up to your gradient, a light will help you do that. There are MANY brushes on the market that can be used for blending from drugstore brands all the way to high end. Ulta, Sephora and Tagret are great places to shop for brushes at a few different price points. You can also hit up stores like MAC, Inglot and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for some great professional brushes also. Michaels, A.C. Moore or any local art store is also a great place to shop for makeup brushes. Art brushes tend to have a slightly longer handle but the quality of the brushes is on the same level as professional brushes for many art brushes. Just test the brushes by moving them around the back of your hand to see how the move against the skin.

Hope these tips helped!! I am working on picking a good camera so that I can start taking photos and recording short videos to go along with these tips. Let me know if you still have any questions and what else you’d like to see. Also please leave comments with any camera suggestions!

What are some of your eyeshadow blending tricks and techniques?


Thanks for reading….

And remember,

Kim Loves Hue šŸ˜‰


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